Weekend Reading

The weekend is right about to start, which means you’ve got some reading to do.

Some occupation reading:

And for non-occupied news:
Remember when the police raided UC activists occupying Wheeler Hall? Several students have sued the university!

The Canadian crimes plan, from Texas’ perspective.

This is how easy it is for the US Government to read your e-mail.

How important is Ubeki-beki-beki-stan-stan, anyways?

On white feminists using the n-word.

From Thursday morning, the post-Qaddafi journalism you will read over the next 72 hours.

In a similar vein, headline predictions for the Ohio exotic animal incident.

Working in menial labor is worse for your mental health than being unemployed.

When it comes to central governments, maybe Somalia doesn’t need it.

So I guess students with speech impediments aren’t supposed to talk in class?

We’re already doing it to Earth, let’s mine the fuck out of the moon!

Some men are so baffled by lesbians, they refuse to believe they exist.

A history of Schadenfreude, and other Germanisms.

Anita Hill, twenty years later.

If you’re selling stuff on eBay, does it matter what race you are?

What’s with these black women being all unmarried and stuff? Let’s get them married and fix all our problems!

Looks like Alabama’s unemployed aren’t ready to take the jobs that the undocumented workers were stealing from them.

And this Alabama deli owner was tarred and feathered for defending legal, documented workers. Way to be.

Wrangling university faculty is harder than herding cats, even with num nums.


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