Weekend Reading

After an inexplicable week off, here are some things for you to read. For starters, lots of Occupy Wall Street (and other place names) links:

OWS: Now with Dozens of Graphs!

Robert Reich on Occupy Wall Street and the Democratic Party.

Paul Krugman on why Wall Street is freaking out.

What Boston and New York say about the movement’s expansion.

What do all of these encampment protests want? “Real democracy now!”

On the General Assembly in Liberty Plaza.

In Boston, who is really threatening the people and the land? Hint: They have riot helmets on.

Occupy Wall Street needs demands about as much as SNCC did.

50 best signs from Wall St.

Photos from Occupy _____________.

A terse little timeline of the OWS movement.

The Onion gets in on the action.

Did you ever think that maybe the anarchists want to stay off the sidewalk and in the street?

Occupy Los Angeles is getting co-opted by pretty much everyone, including the City Council.

The women at Occupy Boston are having trouble at the GA.

Dear Occupy Wall Street, With Solidarity.

On the growth phases of a social movement like OWS.

Occupy Atlanta needs to face the fact that race is a factor – and it always has been.

An open letter to the 53% guy.

America's Leadership in Nobel Sciences

And it’s worth noting that Hitler was a contender for the Nobel Peace Prize – twice.

And how the Nobel Prize for Literature is kind of silly.

If you read one thing from today’s links, read this post on the Reality of Threats and Blogging – do it now.

The truth about Steve Jobs.

With baseball and football occupying separate spaces nowadays, what to do with empty stadiums? Cleveland might have the answer.

The colors of the Apple line.

Arizona has two spots on this list of six places that look weird on Google maps.

The problem with fair trade coffee.

Herman Cain likes the “Chilean Model.” but it looks a little like “

Obamacare” if you ask me.

Does Ron Paul have fake eyebrows?

Four aid workers got kidnapped in Kenya, but the press only reported on the two international aid workers, ignoring the two Kenyans.

The most you’ll ever need to read about camouflage colors.

Reading the Bible frequently could make you liberal.

Iran tries to get into Africa, with a few bumps along the way.


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